• About us

    A date night, an appointment at the customer or a casual event: you want to look well-groomed. But your skin is irritated and dry. That is why we have put together our natural range with love and care for you.

  • Powerful soap for fast guys

    Extensive morning routine? How about no. With our products we ensure a quick start to the day. A little beard oil, deodorant and cologne and you will walk out the door smelling irresistibly good. Add soap and body lotion and you are assured of fresh, well-groomed skin. Exactly what you need!

  • Men essentials no bull

    No. Of course you don't want junk in your care products. You just want to smell nice and not hassle with your skin. All Natural Soaps products are free of parabens and sulphates. This way your skin looks good in all circumstances.

  • Go for natural soap

    We know from experience that rough men's skin deserves quite a bit of attention. Synthetic soap only dries out your skin. That's why you make the switch to natural soap, just like us: milder for your skin and cleans just as well!

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